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Presenting - 100 of India's brightest young talent who have been selected by some of the world's best artists, technologists and leaders. Check out the community of young changemakers who are making a mark in this world with their work and ideas!
What is 25 Under 25? Here's Everything You Need To Know!
Choose one or more categories to express your interest areas and apply for 25 Under 25. Access category specific mentoring, resources and support to go one level up on your skills, ideas and expertise. 25 Under 25 accepts entries under the following categories.
& technology
visual art
& design
Eminent panel of the world’s best creators, artists and experts who will select the final 25 in each category.
  • Jessica Walsh
    visual art & design
    Award winning designer, Art director at New York based design firm Sagmeister and Walsh
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  • Noah Rosenberg
    Print, Video and Multimedia Journalist, Founder, CEO and Editor-in-chief of Narratively.
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  • Shohini Ghose
    science & technology
    Physicist, Professor, teaches physics and computers at Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada, Director of the Center for Women in Science.
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  • Kalyan Varma
    Wildlife photojournalist, documentary film-maker, worked on several projects for BBC, Nat Geo, Lonely Planet.
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A line-up of some of the best industry experts and professors who will give you tips, tricks, prompts and will support you throughout the competition through workshops, masterclasses and online interactions.
A line-up of some of the best industry experts and professors who will give you tips, tricks, prompts and will support you throughout the competition through workshops, masterclasses and online interactions.
  • Kaveri Gopalakrishnan
    visual art & design
    Independent illustrator and Comics-maker, her latest comic project being a web comic series on urban stories called UrbanLore Comics.
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  • Vicky Roy
    Documentary Photographer, MIT Media Fellow, Selected by US based Maybach Foundation to document the reconstruction of WTC in New York.
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  • Santosh Panda
    science & technology
    Founder and CEO of Explara, Software Engineer with a decade of diverse experience in software Industry in UK, USA, Finland and India.
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  • Aarti Mohan
    Journalist, Co-founder, Content & Communication Head at Sattva. Chief Editor of The Alternative, a media platform for sustainable living.
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Award Partners
Organisations and individuals awarding the winners with impactful and next level life opportunities for work, internship and apprenticeship on their projects.
  • Architecture and Vision
  • Chumbak
  • Deccan Herald
  • Ideao
  • Kokaachi
  • Menstrupedia
  • Milaap
  • Our Better World
  • Reality Tours and Travels
  • Tata Nano
  • Teach for India
  • The Alternative
World class, visionary organisations and institutions that have made this initiative possible.
title sponsor
university sponsors
education partner
Terms & Conditions
GenX Nano presents Campus Diaries 25 Under 25 is open to all Indian nationals below the age of 25 except for any part time, full time, permanent or non permanent employees of Tata Motors, Campus Diaries and Vh1.
Any original, creative content that is uploaded by applicants of 25 Under 25, and in effect users of campusdiaries.com, is owned solely by the user alone.
Campus Diaries, Tata Motors or any of the other sponsors, partners or organisations involved in 25 Under 25 cannot assume any rights or license of the user’s information or content. User’s contact information is kept private and will not be shared with any organisation without the explicit permission of the user.
  • What is 25 Under 25?
    25 Under 25 is the search for India’s best and most talented young creators - students and young professionals - under the age of 25 in the categories - Writing, Photography, Visual Art & Design, Science & Technology.
  • What makes you eligible to participate?
    I'm under the age of 25, and based in India.
  • What do I do once I have applied?
    Start building your profile and body of work on campusdiaries.com. The best step forward is to start adding your work, ideas and experiences on your profile.
  • What is the timeline of the competition?
    Applications are open. The last date to apply is 10th January, 2016.
  • What will I get during these three months if I participate?
    Tips and tricks from mentors on skill building, interaction with the mentors - through workshops, twitter chats, hangouts. Guidance on building an excellent portfolio for your writing, photography, art & design and science & technology projects.
  • Will these interactions be free?
  • Will the participation in the competition be free?
  • What do I get for participating?
    Resources to help you hone your talent, show your ideas and work to the world and a lot of direct guidance from some of the industry’s most experienced and respected professionals. All of this just by participating!
  • What do I get if I am selected?
    An opportunity to work on some pathbreaking projects, assignments from world class companies and organisations, an invitation to the Grand Summit and exclusive interactions with your heroes and the Grand Jury. And most importantly, being a part of India’s finest community of talented, young creators.
  • What happens after 10th January, 2016?
    The entries will be evaluated by the esteemed mentors and the members of the Grand Jury for handpicking the best 25 applicants. The handpicked applicants will be invited to the Grand Summit where all 100 finalists, mentors, Grand Jury and all Award Partners come together; and the finalists will be awarded with work opportunities and projects.
  • How do I get latest updates?
    Apply to 25 Under 25 by entering your email address. It makes you a subscriber to the newsletter which will give you all updates on the competition, mentoring and all the resources :)
  • Is there a deadline to apply?
    No, you can apply anytime before the 10th of January 2016. But the sooner you apply, the more time and advantages you will get to improve your profile.
  • What will I be judged on?
    Your overall Campus Diaries profile will be evaluated - including the work, stories you have published. The final profile as of 30th November 2015 will be considered for shortlisting by the Mentor Panel and the Grand Jury.
  • Can I put up previous work?
    Yes. You can put up any or all of your work. Whatever you publish on campusdiaries.com remains yours with all the rights.
  • All good. How do I get started?
    Apply to the competition, and start building your profile. All the best!