Campus Diaries #TheNextLine - its back! We're back with it.

We know what you did this October.

Yes. We do. 
And now you're going to do it again this November. 
Don't hide behind that screen, no. You know you want to do it again. 

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Advantage Campus Diaries - Why are we building what we are building?


More than 4.5 lakh engineers graduate every year. More than 170 lakh students graduate with higher education in our country. There are far too many people who have so much to say and exchange ideas. Where a lot of it gets lost.

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Campus Diaries - The Magazine June! Go Beyond.

I remember I was standing in the corridor of my department wing in college looking far ahead at the horizon, the sea calm and composed, splashing gently on the shore, when I heard a few people passing by talking excitedly behind me, “I can’t believe this!

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Introducing! Campus Diaries - The Magazine

Consider the theory of knowledge proposed by Bertrand Russell. It’s divided into three sections –

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Featuring Romana - Winner of the Story Hack #Bangalore

Romana D’Souza winner of the Campus Diaries Story Hack #Bangalore talks to us about pictures, words and design.


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