Write Club Contest - Two

Write Club Contest - Two
25 Jan, 2015 12 AM - 26 Jan, 2015 12 AM
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Write Club Contest 2 is here! Curated by acclaimed author of Winds of Hastinapur, Sharath Komarraju - who is also the founder of Write Club, Bangalore. To participate in the contest, read the introductory blog post below and stand a chance to win Flipkart vouchers worth Rs. 6000! The theme for the contest is 'Write a letter to either the past or future version of yourself.' Good luck!


Starts on
Jan 25 2015 - 12:00am
Ends on
Jan 26 2015 - 12:00am



  • Dear Son
    Your father's kind of a #Feminist...
    5 Feb, 2015
    Harshdeep Hura Amity, Pune
  • If Hermione Granger Ever Wrote to me, I Believe This Is What She Would Have Said
    The fictional character of Hermione Granger helped me navigate my way across the choppy years of...
    6 Feb, 2015
    Ojaswini Bakshi Tata Institute of Social Sciences
  • Dear 22 year old self,
    Our experiences are what make us.
    30 Jan, 2015
    Riya Coutinho Carmelite Convent English High School, Vasai
  • To be opened in the event of your wedding.
    To remind you what a shallow being you are--sorry, were...hopefully--and how lucky you are to have...
    3 Feb, 2015
    Janet Catherina Stalin Madras Christian College
  • Here Are The Winners for Write Club Contest 2!
    After hours of reading and careful selection, I have finally narrowed on the winners for the Write...
    12 Feb, 2015
    Sharath Komarraju Write Club Bangalore
  • When a Daughter turns a Mother
    A letter to my future self!
    4 Feb, 2015
    Ruchi Rai Gauhati Commerce College
  • Dear Ostrich Mes.
    You have good advice, I have fresher memories of yesterday. Here's mine, now gimme lottery...
    2 Feb, 2015
    Armaan Babu Barking Dog
  • Ae, ghonchu!
    A letter containing a life-or-death question from the 17 year-old ghonchu me to the older, but...
    2 Feb, 2015
  • Silly yet beautiful
    We already know everything we need to...
    1 Feb, 2015
    Manogna Kalyani Shri Vishnu College of Pharmacy
  • The letter that never came
    Bart Rowland, a professional letter-writer, is calling it a day. But he stumbles upon a letter that...
    5 Feb, 2015


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