The Customizer Genie

The Customizer Genie
He'll customize just about anything under the sky for you. Personal gifts for your close friend or someting to make your room look pretty. He, ladies and gentlemen, is your Genie!
Surabhi ChatrapathyMount Carmel CollegePublished on 16 Sep, 2013

The sea monster, Leviathan is his company’s name. Being a stand-up comedian his choice of an alternative profession.  What does he do? Vaishak customizes anything that can be customized.  He’ll turn your coffee box into a Pandora’s Box; he’ll build your guitar from scratch or make your clock function anti clockwise. Or he’ll make your helmet quirky or paint your car with Buddha all over it, if you choose.  You get the picture; he is your genie for customized products!

He began with drawing dinosaurs as a kid, quite clearly his favorite, for he repeatedly mentioned his bizarre dinosaurs many times in the conversation. With artistic outrage boiling within, growing up, he painted his pillow covers, friend’s shoes, bags, rackets and everything around the house.  Friend’s cycles and bikes included.

College brought to him a completely new platform to explore. With his love for automobiles and machines in general, he had to somehow master designing soft wares. So the only way he thought he could teach himself was by designing a guitar. Mind you, of all the things he could think of, he chose an electric guitar. The idea was applauded and encouraged by folks at the mech department and he was promised all sorts of guidance. And there he began his grand journey of building customized guitars. His first electric guitar, completely funded by his mother took him a year to build.

Then on, he got every kind of order, people wanted their guitar to be broken into two and given absurd shapes, few wanted art work on it and few wanted a whole new guitar to be built. He did all of it, no second thoughts. Took up anything people asked him to do. Or random things inspired him. He took a wall clock and decided to jazz it up. Made a few of them and people loved it and bought it happily.

He gets inspired by things around him or sometimes ideas strike him out of thin air. Copying artists is not his style, he rather make something on his own. Most of his ideas are extremely weird.  No rhyme or reason, just an experiment that went right. One day a friend walks up to him, and asks him to make a clock that runs backwards. And he did. First year he sold 5 of them. The next he sold 78 of them.  “I’m no artist. I’m a stupid person, doing stupid things and I’m glad people pay me for doing stupid things!” he says.

Two years after his experiments, he started his facebook page and launched his company, Leviathan Customz. He has an interesting reasoning behind the name too. Leviathan is a sea monster which encompasses the whole sea in it. He says his products are like that, as wide and as endless as a sea. Friends were his first customers and then it just grew. Initially, people told him it won’t work. He is a typical, new generation kid trying to sell things that have no market in India.  And now, he has restaurants from Chennai asking him to make their restaurant decors, Hysteria selling his replicas of Metallica and Slayer guitars and orders coming in from all over the country.

Leviathan customz has customized wallets, created art works, supplied decors to various corporate offices, painted skateboards, walls, phone cases, laptops and so much more. He is right now designing an octopus sculpted lamp!

Having the supportive family that he does, his office is his home. He works just about everywhere at home. Sometimes in the hall, sometimes in his balcony or even his bathroom. He has been successfully running his company alone for the past three years, along with his studies. No business mantra in mind, he says, “I just practice and indulge in art and crazy imagination and I just keep at my work!”

Working alone has its own perks and quirks he says. On one hand he is the master of the business, he gets to work at his own pace, accept or decline offers and has the satisfaction of doing things perfectly and he is the boss of himself. On the flip side, when he was sick for a month he had to decline all orders, which affected his work for almost 3 months. Sometimes people place orders, don’t take it nor pay him. Sometimes they exchange about 70 mails to freeze on an idea.

With a dream to work with tattoo studios and design tattoos, have convenient tie ups and customize everything little thing that could be customized for people, Vaishak diligently works in expanding his business.

Startups and independent companies are any day better than slogging meaninglessly in boxed cubicles for fat cheques he believes. “I’m the guy who works but gets to wake up at 11 am on a Monday morning. I get to live life king size, if not rich I’m at least getting paid to have fun and do what I love. “









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